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How has technology helped your business become more efficient?

From automating marketing processes to using cloud software for remote collaboration, here are twenty answers and examples of using technology to help businesses be more efficient:

  • Staying Connected

  • Technology Helped the Business Become More Efficient

  • Technology Allows Us to Focus On Customer Service.

  • Automating Marketing Processes

  • It Makes the Hiring Process Easier

  • Notion is a Boost for Us

  • Streamlining Our Content Creation Workflow

  • Tech Has Evolved Fitness Training.

  • Multitasking Made Simpler

  • A Supportive Culture Thanks to Tech

  • On Personalizing Customer Experience Using Technology.

  • Technology Automating Manual Tasks

  • Cloud Software Provides Enhanced Access

  • Automation is the Way to Go

  • Sophisticated Customer Experience On a Budget

  • Ai-driven Automation

  • Technology Has Improved Automation and Connectivity

  • Technology Has Helped My Psychic and Tarot Business

  • Discord Connects My Team in Real-time

  • Streamlining Processes & Data-driven Insights

Staying Connected

Being able to efficiently manage our team and it’s tasks is probably the biggest boon for our business. Like with many businesses now a days, a lot of our work happens online. This means that there isn’t much expectation that team members will even meet physically during a work week. Because of this, it’s important that we’re all able to stay at the same pace when it comes to getting work done. Technologies that lets us keep in touch, share ideas and delegate work tasks are big contributors to the successful running of our business. I’m sure many companies like ourselves can appreciate platforms like Slack, Google Teams and others that have become linchpins of their businesses productivity.

Boye Fajinmi, Co-Founder & President , TheFutureParty

Technology Helped the Business Become More Efficient

The use of backup software, video content to engage users more, better marketing campaigns, and more are just a few of the things that technology has made easier for organisations to do. On freelance websites, virtual assistants are widely accessible and reasonably priced, even for tiny firms. Technology has the ability to significantly boost your organization’s success in these areas and others.

Technology Allows Us to Focus On Customer Service.

Automated systems have streamlined communication within our team and with clients, allowing us to quickly respond to inquiries and requests. For example, our site offers a moving cost calculator, which allows potential customers to key in their information and receive a personalized estimate within seconds. A live chat feature on our website also allows us to address customer concerns in real time, such as scheduling changes or additional services needed. These features, in turn, help us provide a smoother and more seamless moving experience for our clients. When we reduce the amount of manual work and communication errors, it allows us to focus on the actual task at hand – providing exceptional service and moving our clients into their new homes.

Joey Sasson, Vice President of Sales & Logistics, Moving APT

Automating Marketing Processes

Technology has helped automate a lot of the marketing process.With Google Analytics together with Google Data Studio dashboards, it’s easier to track the results of marketing campaigns so that you can fine-tune them for maximum impact. This has saved me time and energy in trying to track important metrics manually. The ability to compare your paid advertising metrics between different channels (like LinkedIn ads and Google ads) is a major advantage of this tool. You might discover that one campaign was more successful than another and see where you should put more focus next time. Another example would be tools like HubSpot or Outreach, which can automatically send out personalized emails to large groups of people, which saves you a lot of time and energy. Overall, technology has helped us become more efficient with marketing and able to reach our business goals.

Natalia Parcinska, Digital Marketing Manager, Spacelift

It Makes the Hiring Process Easier

Technology makes our hiring process much easier. We can connect with talent from around the country through a digital application and find the best fit for the role. No one needs to mail in their application and come in for an in-person interview. We can set up virtual meetings and assign appropriate tests to qualified candidates. It makes the process more simplified overall.

Notion is a Boost for Us

Notion helps us track projects. We build product roadmaps that way. And because everyone is either working a hybrid model or fully remote model, we’ve learned that using Notion has actually bolstered our collaborative instincts. In that regard, technology helps — a lot. We can more easily see what others are doing and we have more of a breadth of knowledge about what the team as a whole is doing. It’s ironic how Notion has helped us become more collaborative that we were back when everyone was working in the same office. Slack has also been a valuable tool for us in terms of keeping a flow of communication going. Those two tools have made us perform better – and work more efficiently.

Trevor Ford, Head of Growth, Yotta

Streamlining Our Content Creation Workflow

Technology has helped me create top-notch content. It has also helped my company organize its content creation process seamlessly.If it weren’t for technology, research for any content generation would be impossible too. It has contributed to increasing the rank of our website on SEO and in generating leads. Semrush and Grammarly are two tools I would like to give a shout-out to. These tools have highly contributed to making our content creation workflow much more streamlined and less time-intensive. Semrush helps us with our SEO strategies, and Grammarly helps us ensure that we develop high-quality and error-free content.

Madhurima Halder, Content Manager, Recruit CRM

Tech Has Evolved Fitness Training.

There are so many apps out right now that are designed to help people with their fitness goals. Apps like MapMyRun and Strava allow people to keep track of their workouts, record their progress, and set themselves new goals. Then there are apps like Strongr Fastr which engineer workouts and diets just for you. ?I no longer have to worry about my clients not having resources anymore when they leave my gym. They can go home or on vacation with an app on their phone and instantly find exercises and workouts that they can do anywhere they go.

Isaac Robertson, Fitness Trainer & Co-Founder, Total Shape

Multitasking Made Simpler

In this world as it is now with less staffing and more work, technology has been the savior of most businesses. It’s allowed people to multi task more efficiently, communicate effectively and timely, created flexibility in the workforce locations, which in turns, allows certain overheads to be less yielding a tad more margin. Technology has allowed us to be efficient in ways of diversity, allowing us to hire the best talents from around the world and hold meetings without hassles. The efficiency and readiness created by technologies behind Apps such as Zoom, StreamYard, Social media,etc have created a nice substitute for in person meetings when. Apps are being developed daily to help tasks and teams stay focused and well communicated, trained and motivated. I look forward to all the latest technologies being updated and created.

A Supportive Culture Thanks to Tech

Software that enables our flexible hybrid work environment has lured better talent who prioritize a better work-life balance post-pandemic. Better talent and low turnover helps us be more efficient and organized in the long term. Enabling seamless work from anywhere anyday would not be possible if not for programs like Slack and Google Docs, and letting management establish a supportive culture. Now that our whole team is comfortable with this working style, working on projects attains a rhythm that exceeded our expectations on productivity.

On Personalizing Customer Experience Using Technology.

We tailor our technological solutions to each client through our homegrown CRM, where our team can directly communicate with each customer, discuss their preferences, and provide personalized recommendations. One such case was a repeat customer who wanted to gift his wife a special necklace for their anniversary. Our team was able to pull up his past purchases, preferences, and budget to come up with the perfect solution for him. Then, we use CAD to map out our client’s ideal design. This allows them to visualize the end product, make changes, and approve the final design before production. This streamlined process not only saves us time, but it also ensures that our clients are delighted with their purchases.Post-purchase, we use our website and social media channels to engage with our clients and gather feedback. This way, we are constantly improving and adapting our processes to better serve our customers. In turn, it helps strengthen our relationships and drive repeat business.

Ty Wilson, Co-Founder, CustomMade

Technology Automating Manual Tasks

Working in SEO, you do a lot of very similar tasks with each client I work with. One of which is keyword research to help them understand the language their audience is using, what they are searching for, so I can help optimise their site to rank for them. One specific tool (Keyword Insights) has literally cut my keyword research task in half if not more. What was once a very manual task of reviewing every keyword to understand if Google was ranking the same results as another one, is not fully automated so I simply have to input my keyword list and within an hour (rather than at least 10) I have virtually finished the task.I always look for what tools take part of my workflow and automate it, that way I can increase my output or just save time.

Cloud Software Provides Enhanced Access

With our remote team members working across various devices from home, the cloud provides a more efficient way for us all to connect, improving our workflow and collaboration. Cloud software also brings a faster means of testing new applications, as there are no slow procurement processes or on-site hardware limitations. And with a range of clients spanning the globe, a multi-cloud strategy enables us to split loads of sensitive data based on our clients’ geographical locations. For these reasons, teams using cloud software really do operate at a higher level.

Daniel Kroytor, Founder and Director, Tailored Pay

Automation is the Way to Go

Technology is an amazing tool. My team and I are currently leveraging HRIS technologies to eliminate, or seriously reduce, our manual work and processes. Building system integrations and data feeds so that our systems can “talk” to each other has improved our efficiency tremendously over the past few months. This has led to greater job satisfaction across my team, reduced the amount of human error and increased our productivity. We will continue to pursue system automations to help drive our organization and HR teams forward.

Sophisticated Customer Experience On a Budget

The biggest way that technology has impacted our business is by giving us the ability to provide a tech-forward and user-friendly customer experience without having to overinvest in engineering. As our client experience and business processes have developed, we’ve been able to inject strategic technology solutions into the process. For example: Data gathering is important, so tools like Typeform help to make this elegant and user friendly. We’re constantly meeting with customers so tools like Calendly help to make coordination and bookings easier. We need to give off a tech-forward impression, so tools like Webflow, allow us to build dynamic, responsive web pages on a budget. These are all functions that would require an SDR, executive assistant and web design firm in the past, but are now deployable on-the-go to help us stay lean

Ai-driven Automation

Automation that utilizes artificial intelligence offers optimized strategic advantages to any organization ready to harness the power of technology to streamline growth. Technology offers humans the ability to think more strategically and creatively while leaving the day-to-day management of mineal tasks to bots.

Technology Has Improved Automation and Connectivity

Technology has automated a lot of the tedious tasks we need to do on a daily basis. New tools are always being developed and most of our business’s efficiency gains have been through the different softwares we have adopted and optimized over the years. Although new tools are being developed all the time, the thing that has made the biggest difference is the softwares ability to communicate with one another through API’s. When software from different developers is able to work together to help create custom solutions on the individual business level, we are all empowered to spend more time on the work that matters.

Technology Has Helped My Psychic and Tarot Business

Forty years ago psychics advertised in the local newspaper and would get clients who come to see them. This could be fraught with problems like broken appointments, violent and mentally unbalanced people and people living too far away to come along.Technology then allowed psychics to take debit cards for their services over the telephone. W

rosemary price, psychic medium and tarot reader, rosemary price

Discord Connects My Team in Real-time

As a tech CEO with a remote workforce, I’m heavily reliant on technologies on and off the blockchain. My team regularly uses Discord to communicate. It’s useful because you can send quick messages, have one-on-one and team calls, and create groups for each department. With Discord, my team has been able to communicate promptly and efficiently no matter where they are in the world. We can get things done quickly and easily.

Streamlining Processes & Data-driven Insights

One of the primary ways that technology has helped me and my business become more efficient is by streamlining our processes. For example, by using online accounting systems, we can easily manage cashflows and track financial performance in real time. This allows us to make more informed decisions about how to best allocate resources and respond to changing market conditions.In a different vein, online marketing tools allow us to target specific customers and optimise our marketing campaigns based on data-driven insights. This helps us to reach the right people at the right time, and ultimately maximise our ROI.Fundamentally, the beauty of technological advancements is how they enable us to be more productive and achieve greater results in less time, and using fewer resources.

Ben Tibbits, Founder & Managing Director,

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