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8 Reasons Why You Should Take Corporate Wellness Seriously

Why is corporate wellness important?

To better equip you with a holistic understanding of corporate wellness, we asked C-suite executives, owners, and other thought leaders in the corporate space this question for their experiences. From producing positive effects to lowering stress levels, there are several benefits for your team that come directly from taking corporate wellness seriously.

Here are eight reasons you should take a second look at your corporate wellness program:

  • Produces a Positive Effect on Your Team’s Life

  • Reduces Potential Healthcare Costs

  • Helps Avoid Employee Burnout

  • Increases Team Productivity By Cutting Down Sick Days

  • Proves You Value Your Employees (Current and Future)

  • Keeps Your Company Energized and Focused

  • Improves Employee Morale Tenfold

  • Supports Low Stress Levels


Produces a Positive Effect on Your Team’s Life

When a company offers its employees access to wellness initiatives, it shows the workforce that their health and wellness matter to the brand. While everyone is aware of how a healthy workforce also benefits companies, primarily, these programs have more of a positive effect on the lives of employees. 

When the effort shows, workers recognize and appreciate the added attention their employers are paying and reciprocate with loyalty and performance.

Riley Beam, Managing Attorney, Douglas R. Beam, P.A.


Reduces Potential Healthcare Costs 

Companies that take corporate wellness seriously promote better health practices among employees. When companies empower their employees with the tools and opportunities needed to take care of their own physical and mental health, they’ll be more likely to actively take care of their health. 

It’s not complicated to understand. Fewer health issues mean a lower potential need for medical visits, which can mean less reliance on health care, fewer days out of the office, and higher general productivity. 

Promoting healthy behavior and empowering employees to look after their own health can help save on healthcare costs and increase employees’ efficiency while on the job. It’s a two-fold win for companies and workers.

Boye Fajinmi, Co-Founder and President, TheFutureParty


Helps Avoid Employee Burnout

A corporate wellness program avoids employee burnout. It’s easy for employees to take on extra work or sign on during after-hours to complete projects. 

A wellness program puts employees first before the company. It also encourages them to establish a work-life balance with a fitness membership or discounts on healthier food options. 

In doing so, workers can come into the office more satisfied and engaged with their role.

Natália Sadowski, Director of Aesthetics, Nourishing Biologicals


Increases Team Productivity By Cutting Down Sick Days

When employees are healthy, they’re ultimately more productive at work. 

It’s challenging to develop a corporate wellness program when working remotely, but it’s important to get creative. Businesses can finance standing desks for employees as a major benefit, for example. 

On a smaller note, they can include healthy recipes in monthly newsletters. A virtual company can still benefit from a wellness program—it’s all about making it work.

Proves You Value Your Employees (Current and Future)

Corporate wellness is not just a luxury but a requirement in today’s professional ecosystem. 

With the high competition for talent in the market, employees are choosing companies that value their wellness over others. Whether it’s through access to mental health resources, additional paid leave, or reasonable work hours, it’s essential for companies to prioritize employee wellness and go that extra mile to ensure they’re not being pushed to their limit.

Keeps Your Company Energized and Focused

Corporate wellness is crucial for companies to develop overall wellness agility. Wellness agility keeps a company energized and focused on the task at hand. 

Further adopting the principles of wellness into company values increases well-being and drives innovation simultaneously. A clear, healthy mind has more room for creativity to be a driving force in innovation and change.

Adam Bem, Co-Founder & COO, Victoria VR


Improves Employee Morale Tenfold

Corporate wellness programs help improve employee morale. Designing a company culture that recognizes the importance of wellness and provides support and resources to employees plays a pivotal role in establishing psychological safety which can directly impact productivity. 

When employees feel supported, they can lead more fulfilling and healthier personal and professional lives. Corporate wellness programs are also a benefit that many employees are seeking in today’s competitive job market. To improve employee morale, establishing a well-defined corporate wellness program will be a great place to start.


Supports Low Stress Levels

Stress is the inevitable by-product of the shark-eat-shark world we live in today, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be mitigated and kept at bay. 

A corporate wellness program provides employees with the support they need to combat stress, which in turn tackles the problem of plummeting productivity levels and absenteeism because of illness. 

You can enhance the performance of your team and employee retention by developing a wellness program that is centered on lowering workplace stress.

Guy Sharp, Relocation Advisor, Andorra Guides

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