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3 tips for employers who wish to hire more neurodivergent candidates

The best employers know the value of having an inclusive and diverse workplace. According to Forbes, “When companies embrace neurodiversity, they gain competitive advantages in many areas — productivity, innovation, culture and talent retention.” Cultivating an environment that fosters diversity means embracing inclusive hiring initiatives. It also means understanding which aspects of the recruitment and hiring process can deter neurodivergent job seekers from applying.

Recently, College Recruiter asked business leaders in the hiring sphere for their best advice for employers looking to hire more neurodivergent candidates. From having an accommodating work environment to creating an inclusive career page, here are several ideas that may help you source the best job applicants for your company’s positions:

Tips for hiring neurodivergent candidates:

Share Success Stories from Neurodivergent Employees

If it’s not your first time hiring neurodivergent people, workplace success stories from current employees are a great motivation for others to see your organization as supportive and inclusive of neurodiversity.Stories are interesting and get people to act. If one or two neurodivergent employees are currently employed in your organization, you can convince them to share their inspiring stories of how they have felt valued and fulfilled to be part of your business and happy to be working with others. 

This can assure other neurodivergent candidates that you can provide a safe and thriving workplace for them. Success stories are like testimonials that empower and attract the best candidates.

Create An Inclusive Careers Page

As DEI efforts continue to shape how companies operate, employment opportunities for neurodivergent job seekers have skyrocketed. There are many ways employers can tap into this amazing talent pool. 

One suggestion for employers looking to hire neurodivergent candidates is to create an interesting careers page that highlights this desire. This will allow curious job seekers to gain insight into the company’s culture while deciding if they want to apply. 

On the careers page, employers should state their commitment to DEI, the support they offer to neurodivergent employees, and testimonials from neurodivergent employees that speak to their positive experience with the company. 

Creating an inclusive careers page is one of many ways to attract neurodivergent candidates.

Boost Ties With Schools & Non-Profit Organizations

Strengthen your ties with schools and non-profit organizations that work with neurodivergent people. This way, you will be on the latter’s radar. They could get to know your brand more, especially the work environment you possess.When promoting your organization among neurodivergent job seekers, highlight your individualistic approach to recruitment. Explain that they will need to show their skills through a work-related task instead of a face-to-face job interview. Also, you can simplify forms and interview questions or use images to illustrate duties that will be performed once hired.

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