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Who Offers Pre-hire Assessment Services?

Who Offers Pre-hire Assessment Services?

To help you find the best pre-hire assessment services, we reached out to CEOs, founders, and HR professionals for their top recommendations. From Pymetrics’ game-based assessments to Hogan Assessments’ innovative approach, discover 12 leading companies in the pre-hire assessment space, as recommended by industry experts.

  • Pymetrics: Game-Based Assessments

  • Workello: Assessing Candidates Efficiently

  • Criteria Corp: Validated Assessments

  • Predictive Index: Data-Driven Hiring

  • Aspiring Minds: AI-Powered Assessments

  • HireVue: Video Interviews and AI

  • HireSelect: Comprehensive Assessments

  • SHL: Comprehensive Assessment Services

  • Korn Ferry: Assessing From the Inside Out

  • iMocha: Versatile Tech Assessments

  • Kenexa: Evaluating Candidate Fit

  • Hogan Assessments: Innovative Approach

Pymetrics: Game-Based Assessments

Pymetrics is a company that stands out for its innovative approach to pre-hire assessments. In a recent project with Unilever, they helped modernize their hiring practices and improve their candidate experience, which led to an increase in workforce diversity and a reduction in the amount of time and resources spent on recruitment.

Pymetrics provided Unilever with personalized game-based assessments that measured cognitive and personality traits, enabling them to identify candidates who were the best fit for the job. Their algorithms analyzed the results to detect any unconscious biases in the hiring process and provided actionable insights to reduce those biases.

The results were impressive as Unilever reported a 30% increase in diversity among their hires and a 50% reduction in the time and resources spent on recruitment. Candidates also reported a more positive and engaging experience during the recruitment process.

Florence Idowu, Chief Talent Strategist, Bavarde Consulting & Management

Workello: Assessing Candidates Efficiently

Workello is a pre-hire assessment platform that allows its users to quickly review, assess, interview, and send offers to candidates, no matter the job board or social media platform they came from. 

I became a co-creator of Workello because I used to struggle quite a lot with the assessment portion of hiring when I hired writers and editors for our content marketing agency. The tool was born out of necessity, and since its inception, we have helped hundreds of companies evaluate over 50,000 candidates and hire over 500 writers, editors, marketers, developers, bookkeepers, virtual assistants, and other important roles for any growing company.

Gordana Sretenovic, Co-founder, Workello

Criteria Corp: Validated Assessments

One leading company that offers pre-hire assessment services is Criteria Corp. Founded in 2006, Criteria Corp provides a range of scientifically validated assessments to help companies make more informed hiring decisions.

Criteria Corp’s assessments cover a variety of areas, including cognitive aptitude, personality, and skills. They also offer customized assessment solutions based on a company’s specific needs.

Their assessments are used by over 4,000 companies worldwide, and they have assessed over 20 million job candidates. In fact, one study found that companies using Criteria Corp’s assessments saw a 52% improvement in their quality of hire.

A real-life example of the effectiveness of Criteria Corp’s assessments is how a financial services company used its cognitive aptitude test to screen candidates for their call center. The company saw a 35% reduction in turnover and a 12% increase in customer satisfaction after implementing the assessments.

Himanshu Sharma, CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Predictive Index: Data-Driven Hiring

In today’s competitive job market, organizations are continuously seeking ways to improve their hiring processes and make more informed decisions. One tool that has gained significant popularity is the Predictive Index (PI)—a scientifically validated pre-hire assessment that helps employers gain insights into candidates’ behavioral traits and potential job performance.

The Predictive Index is a powerful tool that enables organizations to make data-driven hiring decisions, reduce turnover, and improve overall hiring success. By leveraging the behavioral insights provided by the PI assessment, employers can better identify candidates who align with job requirements, enhance team dynamics, and increase productivity. Implementing the Predictive Index in the pre-hire assessment process allows organizations to make informed decisions, leading to long-term success and growth.

Brittney Simpson, HR Operations Manager, Walker Miller Energy Services

Aspiring Minds: AI-Powered Assessments

Aspiring Minds is a renowned organization that provides a comprehensive suite of pre-hire assessment services to help organizations hire the right talent for the right jobs. Their AI-powered assessments evaluate candidates across a range of skills, including cognitive abilities, personality traits, and domain knowledge. 

Aspiring Minds’ innovative products such as Automata, AMCAT (Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test), and SVAR (Standardized Video Assessment of Reliability) are highly reliable, scalable, and conducted in a standardized manner. They provide deep insights into candidate competence and potential to predict their job performance accurately. Recruiters can use these assessments to identify promising new hires efficiently.

Anirban Saha, Founder, MrPlanter

HireVue: Video Interviews and AI

One company that I can personally recommend for pre-hire assessment services is HireVue. They provide a robust platform that allows businesses to evaluate prospective employees’ skills, personalities, and potential fit within the company.

Their services include video interviewing, assessments, and artificial intelligence-driven analysis. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, they’ve been recognized for their innovative approach to the hiring process.

Khamis Maiouf, CEO, Book of Barbering

HireSelect: Comprehensive Assessments

HireSelect is a reputable company that provides pre-hire assessment services. With their comprehensive range of assessments, businesses can evaluate candidates’ skills, aptitude, personality traits, and job fit, enabling informed hiring decisions. HireSelect’s assessments help streamline the hiring process and identify top-performing candidates, ensuring a better match between the individual and the job requirements.

Roy Lau, Co-founder, 28 Mortgage

SHL: Comprehensive Assessment Services

One company that offers pre-hire assessment services is SHL. They provide a range of assessments, including cognitive ability tests, personality tests, job simulations, and situational judgment tests. Their assessments are designed to help companies identify the best candidates for their roles and improve the overall quality of their hiring process.

Irina Poddubnaia, CEO and Founder, TrackMage

Korn Ferry: Assessing From the Inside Out

Korn Ferry has been in the business of pre-hire assessment for quite a while at this point, and it shows. Their Assess tool not only measures the skill and mindsets of your entire workforce from senior leaders to new recruits, but it also does an excellent job of defining what good looks like for your organization and then using that to winnow out candidates that are more likely to thrive in your environment.

Kate Kandefer, CEO, SEOwind

iMocha: Versatile Tech Assessments

iMocha has been around since 2015 and offers worldwide services, despite being based in Pune, India. In my view, what makes them useful is the sheer number of different skill assessments they offer in various areas of tech—1500+ at the moment. 

There are both free and paid versions of their services, but they’ve got everything you need to screen for dozens of coding languages, general business, and project management skills, aptitudes for various roles, etc. Extremely versatile.

Onno Halsema, CEO, Contentoo

Kenexa: Evaluating Candidate Fit

Kenexa is a company that offers pre-hire assessment services. Kenexa provides a range of talent management solutions to help organizations identify and hire the best candidates for their open positions. Their pre-hire assessments evaluate job candidates’ skills, abilities, and personality traits to determine their potential fit with the job and the company culture.

David Bui, Director and Automotive Lead Specialist, Schmicko

Hogan Assessments: Innovative Approach

Hogan Assessments, founded in 1987, is one of the oldest companies to have developed pre-hire assessment systems. An astonishing 75% of companies on the Fortune 500 list (e.g., McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Nike) have used Hogan’s software in their recruitment processes.

The tests, widely quoted by psychologists, are currently most commonly used in recruitment processes for executive and top-level positions. The company prides itself on contributing to some major companies’ success stories by dramatically boosting their staff’s productivity levels—all due to Hogan’s software support in hiring the most suitable candidates.

What makes Hogan stand out from the competitors is that it assesses not only personality traits, virtues, and aptitudes but also so-called “derailments”—i.e., candidates’ reactions and potential behaviors in stressful circumstances. Such an innovation guides HR professionals to foresee job-seekers’ compatibility with the role even more efficiently.

Martyna Szczesniak, Community Expert, MyPerfectResume

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