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Who Are the Best Volunteer Management Software Providers?

In search of the best volunteer management software, we reached out to founders, HR managers, and content heads for their recommendations. From VolunteerHub’s user-friendly platform to VolunteerMark’s 30-day free trial, discover nine top companies and their standout features, as shared by industry professionals.

  • VolunteerHub: User-Friendly Platform

  • Civic Champs: Micro-Donations Function

  • Volgistics: VicTouch Module

  • HandsOn Connect: Online Training Courses

  • CERVIS: Convenient Mobile App

  • Better Impact: iCarol Integration

  • Galaxy Digital: Engage Integration

  • VolunteerMatch: Extensive Network

  • VolunteerMark: 30-Day Free Trial

VolunteerHub: User-Friendly Platform

As someone who has volunteered for various organizations over the years, I can confidently say that VolunteerHub is a top-notch volunteer management software provider. What sets them apart, in my opinion, is their user-friendly platform that makes it easy for both volunteers and organizers to navigate. 

On top of that, VolunteerHub offers customizable registration forms, automated reminders, and real-time reporting features that have made my volunteer experiences run smoothly. I highly recommend VolunteerHub for any organization looking to streamline their volunteer management process while creating a more engaging volunteer experience.

Lorien Strydom, Executive Country Manager,

Civic Champs: Micro-Donations Function

Civic Champs is a company that provides volunteer management software for nonprofits, making it easier to manage tasks and projects involving volunteers. 

One unique feature that sets Civic Champs apart from other providers is their micro-donations function. This functionality enables organizations to optimize their contributions by making the appropriate request at the most suitable moment. 

Micro-donations optimize the fundraising process and encourage donations through small, manageable amounts, making it easier for supporters to contribute and participate in the organization’s goals. The integration of this innovative feature in their software ensures nonprofits can benefit from both efficient volunteer management and effective fundraising.

Jefferson McCall, Co-founder and HR Head, TechBullish

Volgistics: VicTouch Module

One company that provides volunteer management software is Volgistics. A feature that makes them different is their “VicTouch” module, which allows volunteers to sign-in and sign-out on-site using a touchscreen device or computer. This feature helps organizations track volunteer hours more accurately and efficiently.

HandsOn Connect: Online Training Courses

HandsOn Connect is a company that provides volunteer management software that is unique in its approach to managing volunteers. Their software is designed to be user-friendly, and it offers a range of features to help volunteer managers and organizations streamline the process of recruiting, training, and managing volunteers. 

One standout feature is the ability to offer online training courses to volunteers, which helps organizations ensure that their volunteers have the necessary skills to perform their roles effectively. Additionally, HandsOn Connect offers a powerful reporting system, allowing organizations to gather insights and track metrics on their volunteers’ activities.

CERVIS: Convenient Mobile App

CERVIS is a volunteer management platform that provides features for volunteer registration, scheduling, communication, and tracking. One unique feature of CERVIS is its mobile app, which allows volunteers to sign up for opportunities and track their hours from their mobile devices. 

With the CERVIS mobile app, volunteers can view and sign up for opportunities, manage their schedules, and receive notifications about upcoming events. They can also track their hours, submit feedback, and receive recognition for their contributions. This feature provides a convenient and accessible way for volunteers to engage with the organization, increasing their involvement and satisfaction.

Additionally, CERVIS provides features for managing volunteer data, including reporting and analytics tools that can help organizations better understand their volunteer base and make data-driven decisions.

Better Impact: iCarol Integration

Better Impact is a comprehensive volunteer management platform that provides a variety of features to help organizations manage their volunteers effectively. One of its unique features is its integration with iCarol, a crisis helpline software. This integration allows organizations to manage both their volunteer programs and their crisis helpline services on a single platform, making it easier to coordinate and manage both programs. 

The iCarol integration also allows organizations to manage shift scheduling, communication with volunteers, and reporting for both programs in a single place. Better Impact’s volunteer management platform also provides tools for volunteer tracking, scheduling, communication, and reporting. 

Overall, Better Impact’s comprehensive set of features and its integration with iCarol make it an attractive option for organizations that need to manage both their volunteer programs and crisis helpline services.

Galaxy Digital: Engage Integration

Galaxy Digital is a volunteer management software that offers features for volunteer registration, scheduling, communication, and tracking. 

What sets Galaxy Digital apart is its integration with Engage, a community engagement platform. Engage allows organizations to connect with their community in a variety of ways, such as by sharing news and events, collecting feedback, and promoting volunteer opportunities. 

By integrating with Engage, Galaxy Digital makes it easy for organizations to attract and engage volunteers by promoting their volunteer opportunities to a wider audience. Engage also allows volunteers to track their hours and activities, earn badges and rewards, and connect with other volunteers in their community. 

Overall, Galaxy Digital’s integration with Engage helps organizations to build stronger relationships with their community and increases their impact by attracting and retaining more volunteers.

Tiffany Payne, Head of Content, Pharmacy Online

VolunteerMatch: Extensive Network

One company that provides volunteer management software is called VolunteerMatch.

One feature that makes VolunteerMatch different is its extensive network of non-profit organizations, which allows volunteers to search and sign up for a wide variety of opportunities in their local communities. 

Besides providing volunteer management software for nonprofits, VolunteerMatch also offers a platform for corporate social responsibility programs, allowing companies to engage their employees in volunteer work and track their impact. The software also includes tools for managing volunteer applications, scheduling shifts, and tracking volunteer hours, making it a comprehensive solution for nonprofits and companies alike.

VolunteerMark: 30-Day Free Trial

One company that provides volunteer management software is VolunteerMark. They offer features such as automated scheduling, customized forms, volunteer hour tracking, and communication tools. 

One feature that sets VolunteerMark apart is their 30-day free trial that gives users the chance to try the software first-hand to see whether it meets their needs.

Joe Kevens, Founder and Director of Demand Gen, B2B SaaS Reviews 

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